What are Beacons and what is BluuBeam?


Q-   What is BluuBeam?

A-   BluuBeam is a combination of software and hardware that takes all of the complications out of using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology.   BLE is sometimes called iBeacon technology.  In a nutshell a BLE beacon is a Bluetooth transmitter that broadcasts it's location.  Any mobile device running the BluuBeam app can detect a BluuBeam beacon (we call them Beams) when they come within range.  Once the mobile device detects a Beam it will display whatever message you've created in the BluuBeam Admin Console.  

Q-   What about privacy?  

A-   Privacy isn't an issue because we don't collect any personal information and your patrons would need to "opt in" by downloading the BluuBeam App.

Q-   What if your not looking at your phone?

A-   BluuBeam will trigger a background notification when it detects a new Beam.  This notification resets every 24 hours so you don't keep getting the same notifications.

Info from BluuBeam.com