Material Check-out

 Respect USAF property & Return it on time

  • Books: 2 weeks, 50 items

  • All Audio: 2 weeks, 7 items

  • Launchpads: 1 week, 1 item

  • Playaway Views: 1 week, 1 item

  • Kits: 2 weeks, 3 items

  • DVDs: 1 week, 7 items

  • Videogames: 1 week, 3 items


  • Place holds through your account online, with our app BookMyne, by phone (757-764-2906) or email:

  • We notify you by phone or email when item(s) become available

  • There is no limit to the number of items you can have on hold


  • Renew items before they become Overdue by using our BookMyne app, by phone (757-764-2906), online with your library card (barcode) and PIN, by email:, or in person.

  • All library materials may be renewed unless they are on Hold for someone else or Overdue

Overdue Items

  • Reminder notices are emailed three days prior to the item(s) due date to alert you to Renew!

  • Automated notices are sent out after items are late 7 days, 14 days, and 21 days

  • After 21 days overdue, notices will be sent directly to First Sergeants and supervisors

  • Military personnel will not be Out-Processed when property is still owed

Lost and Damaged Items

  • Sponsors are responsible for all items checked out on their account

  • Library check out is a temporary hand receipt for government property

  • Per AFI 34-150 lost or damaged items must be replaced with NEW copies of the items; if item cannot be located, request staff assistance

  • For all account issues contact Library staff members at 757-764-2906 or or drop by during duty hours

Cell Phones & Quietude

  • Silence phones while in the Library

  • Phone calls are to be made in the lobby so others are not disturbed

  • Loud conversations are to be held in the lobby so others are not disturbed

  • Noise cancelling headsets are available for quiet study


  • No child under age 10 should be unsupervised while in the Library

  • Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children

  • Screaming and crying children should be taken outside to calm down