Outdoor Drive-up Return

  • Located in the parking lot
  • Books on left side
  • Media on the right side: DVDs, Audio & Games
  • If you are coming in to the building, please do not place your returns in the outside return

TDY Services

  • At checkout, personnel going TDY notify staff members for extended check-out
  • Personnel going TDY may request online library resources access codes

Out-Processing Services

We check virtual out-processing (vOP) daily

  • We see a list of personnel 30 days out.  It is not the same thing that personnel see
  • Personnel without a Library account are cleared when their name appears on our list
  • Personnel with Library accounts must return all items before we clear them.  They will be marked in vOP as "Visit Required" until resolved
  • For all account issues contact the Circulation Managers at 757-764-2906 or langleylibrarycirculationdesk@yahoo.com or drop by during duty hours

Special Collections

  • Chief of Staff of the Air Force (CSAF) Reading/Viewing collection
  • Test Prep: CLEP,  DANTES, GRE, etc., CLEP iPod & iPad Air
  • Graphic Novels
  • Bestsellers & new books: Adult (lease) & YA
  • Adult & YA Kits:  Leaders Read, BookTalk & Playaway Book Packs
  • Military READiness: Military family life collection and Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) collection
  • Language learning USBs
  • Videogame consoles (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Xbox One, PS4 & Wii U) [some restrictions apply] and video games for all 6 systems
  • DVD players for checkout [E-4 and below]
  • Off-site Office Libraries
  • Children's Kits:  Bateman Library Activity & Story Time (B.L.A.S.T.), Early Learning (E.L.K.) &  Playaway Book Packs
  • Maker Kits, Family Game Kits & Travel Kits for check out


Public access computers have Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe & Internet/Web access (ACC/commercial network: QoLNet)

  • CAC enabled
  • Web mail for .mil through AF Portal
  • Scanner
  • Secure wireless network (password available at front desk)
  • Printing: 5 cents per page.   Self-service print station accepts U.S. coins, $1 & $5 bills
  • Teen & Children's computers are dedicated exclusively to customers of those ages

MilNet computers 

  • Check out mouse at front desk
  • CAC credentials must match 633 ABW .mil standards
  • Printing: 5 cents per page.  Dedicated printer at front desk

Fax Service

  • Local: $1.50 first page, $1.00 each additional page
  • Long Distance:  $2.00 first page, $1.50 each additional page
  • Receive:  75 cents per page


  • 15 cents per page
  • Self-service equipment accepts U.S. coins & $1 bills


What are Beacons and what is BluuBeam? 



Q-   What is BluuBeam?

A-   BluuBeam is a combination of software and hardware that takes all of the complications out of using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology.   BLE is sometimes called iBeacon technology.  In a nutshell a BLE beacon is a Bluetooth transmitter that broadcasts it's location.  Any mobile device running the BluuBeam app can detect a BluuBeam beacon (we call them Beams) when they come within range.  Once the mobile device detects a Beam it will display whatever message you've created in the BluuBeam Admin Console.  

Q-   What about privacy?  

A-   Privacy isn't an issue because we don't collect any personal information and your patrons would need to "opt in" by downloading the BluuBeam App.

Q-   What if your not looking at your phone?

A-   BluuBeam will trigger a background notification when it detects a new Beam.  This notification resets every 24 hours so you don't keep getting the same notifications.

Info from BluuBeam.com

Click the logo to download the app

Click the logo to download the app