Your Library & Your Tax Dollars

The Bateman Library is a mission support activity funded 100% with congressional appropriations, also known as your tax dollars. 

Your professional library team members select and purchase all items in the collection.              



We are not accepting donations at this time. 

  • Local public libraries may accept your donations; please check with them.
  • Thrift stores are another possible repository.
  • If you have rare, out-of-print Air Force-specific books or DVDs please ask to speak to the Library Director for an exception to this policy.
  • We purchase new books and media for the collection.

Text Books

We do not have text books for your class; you will need to purchase them.

 Education is an investment in yourself!

Education is an investment in yourself!


Request to Purchase

There are forms located near the front of the library to request items for purchase.  Before you fill out a form:

  • Check the catalog to see if we already own the item.
  • Ask us!  We may not have it ready for the shelf yet.
  • Check our online collections to see if an ebook or audiobook version is available for download.