• How do I get a library card? 
    • We create one account per military sponsor; family members may be included
    • You must apply in person:  a completed registration form and CAC or other military ID are required
    • Navy/Marine/Coast Guard personnel must show current orders and have complete duty address, phone number, email, and supervisor name, email & phone number
  • How do I keep items longer? Can I renew them online?

 Yes, you can renew, extend or recheck-out several ways:  

  1. Online: Login to the Catalog with your Library Card (barcode #) and PIN
  2. Use our app  BookMyne
  3. Call: 757-764-2906 
  4. Email: langleylibrarycirculationdesk@yahoo.com
  5. You can also drop by with or without the items and make your request in person

 NOTE:  We cannot extend your checkout if someone else has the item on HOLD or if you've extended too many times.  

  • I'm going TDY and need to keep things longer. 

If you are going TDY please let us know when you check out.  We will give you a special Due Date based on your trip.  Deployments are usually too long for this service, but ask us and we'll try to assist you. 

  • How do I find ebooks, downloadable audiobooks & research databases?

You can click on the "Online Resources" picture on the main page or hover over the Reading or Education tabs at the top of every page.  E-reading and Online Info Collections will take you to all of our digital library collections.  For more in-depth assistance please ask a staff member for help.

  • How do I place a HOLD on something?

You can place a Hold:

  1. Online: Login to the Catalog with your Library Card (barcode #) and PIN
  2. Call: 757-764-2906 
  3. Email: langleylibrarycirculationdesk@yahoo.com 
  • Are there any Overdue fines?

Military libraries do not charge Overdue fines. You are signing out government property; the expectation is that you will use it respectfully and return it in a timely manner.  

  • How do I search the Catalog for specific items?   

Click on the CATALOG link and type your search in the AUTHOR, TITLE, or SUBJECT fields.  NOTE: Our system does not correct your spelling!

- For specific media, click the drop down menu in the TYPE field and select Audiobooks, Videogame, Video for DVDs, etc. 

- You can further target your search with ITEM CATEGORY 2 to limit items to just Adult, YA, or Juvenile audiences.  For more in-depth assistance please ask a staff member for help.

  • What happens when I lose or damage a Library book or other property?

The sponsor is responsible for all items checked out on his or her account.  Per AFI 34-150, he or she must purchase a NEW copy of the exact same item to replace the damaged or lost one.  Hardback books must be replaced with hardback copies.  Items may be shipped directly to the Library; email a copy of the purchase order to langleylibrarycirculationdesk@yahoo.com to have your account updated.  If you have trouble finding the exact replacement contact the Library staff for alternatives, 764-2906.

  • How do I get the Library Staff to buy something?

Fill out a "Request for Purchase" form (located near the front desk) or send an email with detailed info: Author, Title, Publication Date, and media type (book, audio, game, DVD).  Items that fit the Bateman Library Collection Development Policy will be added to our "Wishlist" and await funding.  We will inform you when items are available for check-out.

  •  Do you charge for any services?  

Yes, there are minimal charges for computer printing, copies, and faxing.  The pricing structure was set by our Squadron prior to 2001 and has not increased.   

 - Computer printouts are 5 cents per page.   The self-service print/pay station accepts quarters, nickels, dimes, $1 and $5 bills.  Please do not ask staff for change.   We recommend the use of Print Preview to ensure you are only printing what you want printed.  

- Copies are 15 cents per page.   The self-service machine accepts quarters, nickels, dimes, $1 bills.

- Local faxes are $1.50 for the first page and $1.00 for each additional page.  Long distance faxes are $2.00 for the first page and $1.50 for each additional page.  We do not charge for our cover sheet. 

  • Where is the Library located?

Bateman Library is located diagonally across from the Commissary & BX; right next to the Dining Facility and nestled into the Dorm Campus.